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Are you sick to death trying to figure out how you’re going to get more cases come in from local prospects in your area?

Are you annoyed by the fact that marketing your practice on the web hasn’t increased your incoming caseloads yet… frustrated by how hard it is to rank your site under the current algorithms… and just about DONE with all the frivolous miracle cure shit being peddled by vendors via your email inbox?

Then what you’re about to hear will be music to your ears…

Because I’m about to show you how to put an END to your abysmal website rankings once and for all, and enjoy the extra phone calls, and more scheduled appointments kept, and increased profits that you get as a result.

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If You’re A Lawyer Who Is Still Struggling To Learn How To Get New Cases From Local

Prospects In Your Area You Need To Read This Page Carefully!

Hi there, my name is Darrin Mish and yes it’s true…

I put an END to the maddening frustration caused from having a website that didn’t rank high enough to produce leads for me and now I’m enjoying the sound of ringing phones and the bustle that comes from the extra business.

But let me back up a step…

It wasn’t that long ago that I was literally chewing my fingers to the nub worrying about what marketing I had to do to land my next client just so that I could meet payroll that week.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I had in mind when I became a lawyer.

Things hadn’t always been as tough as they were then though.

Previous to 2011 my lawyer website always ranked very high on top of Google for just about all my main keywords. As a result my phone rang often and my practice grew. I moved into a bigger office and hired more staff to help handle the increased workloads. Heck I even bought my family that awesome dream home I always promised them.

Then the marketing harpoon hit.

In early 2011 Google changed the criteria they used in how they ranked sites and we literally lost every one of our site rankings for lawyer related keywords.

At first life went on as normal.

We had enough prospects in our pipeline that we were able to keep the money flowing in spite of the marketing disaster.

Then of course the pipeline dried up because we weren’t receiving any new leads, and a lot of the revenue bled out with it.

To say that it didn’t suck having to learn all over again on how to market my website on the search engines would be more than a slight understatement.

I hated having to layoff good people just because my marketing game was too weak to find enough cases to keep them busy.

Every one of the layoffs just about crushed me.

It was under that environment that I set out to figure the new algorithm out.

I Was Going Crazy Trying To Get My Rankings Back

As a lawyer and a long time marketing enthusiast I naturally tried everything I could think of to get my site rankings to go up again on Google, but every solution fell short.

I’ll be willing to bet you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, because chances are, you’ve tried them, too…

The black hat marketing methods that only poisoned my sites further, and the expensive pay per clicks that never even came close to earning a return on my investment even once.

And I even went so far as to try marketing my practice on Facebook, but only ended up getting MORE frustrated!

So I Decided It Was Time To

Take Matters into My Own Hands

Clearly I was NEVER going to get anywhere if I relied on other online marketing people to solve my ranking problems for me, so I decided that I’d just have to figure it out myself.

Just Look at the Results I Achieved!

And as they say, the rest is history…

After a couple dozen months of trial and error, here’s where my rankings are at now:


No more dead quiet phones.No more gnawed finger nubs.and no more layoffs…

Just the happiness that comes from having a new and consistent source of leads coming into my practice.

Now My Goal Is To Teach Other Lawyers How To Do the Same

Then I got to thinking…

What kind of person would I be if — knowing exactly how frustrating anemic website rankings are — I didn’t try to help other lawyers enjoy relief, too?

So I pulled together all of the steps, details, and instructions I used, turned them into an easy-to-follow system, and make it available to other lawyers to get free access to via my bi weekly marketing newsletter.

And Now I’d like you to Join My Newsletter,

So YOU Can Enjoy Better Rankings Too!

When you subscribe to my bi weekly marketing newsletter that I created especially for lawyers I’ll immediately begin teaching you everything I know on how to start pulling in leads from local prospects in your area.

Take a look at what I cover in the first issue you’ll receive:

  • The one indispensable thing you must do as a lawyer to maintain a steady flow of leads to your practice. Without this one thing, you are leaving untold amounts of money on the table.
  • The quick and easy way to ensure only good clients for your firm. Have you heard of The 80/20 Rule (a.k.a. Pareto’s Principle)? This simple tactic will make The 80/20 Rule work FOR you, not against you.
  • How to ensure every consultation is with a prospect of quality. ‘Steal’ from my 17+ years in law practice the stunningly effective tricks I use to weed out time-wasters even before they come for the initial consultation.
  • How to get clients to beg you to take their case. Here I reveal the powerful psychological trigger that makes your clients feel like they owe you something so that they will do business with you.
  • How to make your prospects come to their own conclusion that they need your services. With this killer technique, you never have to worry about convincing your prospects that you are the best lawyer for the job.
  • How to multiply your time, knowledge and abilities many times over without lifting a finger to do any extra work. Not doing this may make you a candidate for lawyer burnout.
  • How to utilize the full power of the Internet for your legal business. This is what sets myself as a lawyer apart from many others and it can do the same for yours.


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